Monday, January 31, 2011

2nd treatment

January 31, 2011

I'm not a very good blogger! I'm way behind in keeping everybody updated, of course if my parents stayed out of the hospital and the weather would cooperate, I might have more time to post on here. :-)

As most of you probably already know, Dad decided he needed to stay at the Capital Region Hotel for a couple of days last week. While there, they fed him, changed his sheets and even did a heart cath for good measure. All things checked out or are as well as can be. When he had his heart attack on July 31, 2009, the very tip of his heart, more or less died, and the function will never return. But his heart is still working good, they didn't find any blockages and his stent is still where it's suppose to be. Thinking his ulcers were acting up and causing him chest pain. So they added something to his medication to see if they can get him feeling better. Mom usually spends the nights in the hospital with Dad when he is in there but with her chemo, the hospital is not the kindest place for her to be so I stayed with him Sunday night and Dawn stayed with him Monday night and luckily, he went home on Tuesday. Mom did blood work last Monday and her WBC were great so the doctor let her come into the hospital. She postponed her next treatment to last Friday.

I talked to her today and she is tired and has the normal upset stomach but nothing she can't live with. It's good they have medicines to keep all the side effects at a minimum. Too bad they have to give you poison to help ensure all the bad cells are gone. Irony at it's best, don't you think?

Well, hoping mom WBC don't bottom out while we have our Winter Blizzard of 2011 so all the prayers you can send her way will be great! Take care and God Bless! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sis, Dawn!! I'd tell you how old she is but since I'm older, well you know......

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I decided to wait and update the blog until mom was home....seemed like it kept getting put off but she did go home on Monday. I talked to her last night and she was feeling ok, just tired. She managed to have a UTI and 3 lovely fever blisters from her ordeal. When she went into the hospital on Thursday, her WBC was 98 and when she left on Monday, they were around 1,500. Doc said she almost made the "week" window when the Chemo destroys all the cells and has to make it's way back so the next treatment which is schedule for January 26th won't be as "strong". She may get lucky and bounce back faster this next time. Mom was suppose to have dr appt today but with all our lovely snow, (Thanks to all who love this stuff and prays for know who you are!!!) I think she was going to have to cancel. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers! Friends and Family are the BEST!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Almost home...

Sunday, January 16th
I went by the hospital to see Mom this morning...been staying away all weekend with the low WBC (below 500 is low)  but was hoping that they would be up where they were suppose to be this morning. Doc came in while I was there and she wasn't wearing the mask....doing the happy dance here :-)....anyway, counts were 411 yesterday and they were 834 today!! BUT the cultures on urine came back showing something. (What they seen  may have just been a contaminant and not anything wrong with Mom.) So we wait one more day on that. Blood cultures were fine, which is good! Doc is going to take her off the antibiotic, see if she runs a temp anymore today, and then possibly send her home tomorrow on an oral antibiotic if she has a UTI. Mom was complaining of 3 fever blisters starting around her mouth so they are going to give her something that will help shorten their life span.  Thanks everyone for being the best kind of friends for mom and dad....what's the old saying, Friends are the families we choose! Yeh....glad we have such a huge "family"!!! God bless and take care!

Friday, January 14, 2011

First bump in the road...

Mom is spending a couple of days inpatient due to a 104 temp on Thursday. She got IV antibiotics and they are culturing her blood to see if she has infection. Cultures won't be back until Sunday so she is stuck there. Friday morning the temp was gone and her white count was coming up but not good enough for her to go home. She feels fine which is good. I know people would probably like to visit but doctor would prefer we limit them and if you do go-mask is a must!!!! I didn't even hug her when I left because I have no idea what kind of germs I had lurking on me. Prayers PLEASE!!! God Bless!

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Chemo treatment- January 5, 2011

Mom had her first chemo treatment this week on Wednesday. Appointment was at 9:30 and I think she said they left the clinic at 2:30. She has been tired and a little nausea but doc gave her medicine to calm the stomach so it's been manageable. She had to go back in on Thursday and have a Neulasta shot which should help to boost her immune system. Hoping she doesn't have the side effects from that either...bone pain being the worst of it. She goes back in for f/u appt with nurse next week to check her blood count, more blood work on the 24th and then if all is well, her next treatment is the 26th.

She has to stay healthy to receive all these treatments......she has a grandson graduating from highschool and 2 other grandsons making their first communion....all in May. She has to be well and feeling like she can party! :-) Thank you to everyone for the calls, thoughts and prayers! All are appreciated!! Sincerely, the Rehagen Family

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Update for this week. Mom had the Smart port put in this week. She did great but it caused some discomfort for swallowing and her chest is still sore where they put it. Deann and Rob are coming home this weekend and we are going to celebrate Christmas and a start of a New Year. Chemo starts this week on the 5th. Just a reminder, Mom needs to try and stay as healthy as possible so some activities while going through chemo may be limited and even a cold may cause her problems. The Rehagen family wants to Thank everyone for all the prayers, support, and thoughts of kindness during Mom's fight! God Bless everyone and hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy New Year!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Mom had her PET and CT scans last week and she got the results back today. They were clean so we can hope that means they got it all and it hasn't spread. We had a bit of fun yesterday, the American Cancer Society provides wigs and all kinds of other support for people who are fighting the fight. We got to help mom pick out a wig, hats, turbons, etc....helps to keep things on the fun side.

Also, Mom starts chemo on 01/05/11 and gets the port put in on 12/28/10....told her she will have both arms sore and dad will really have to help her get dressed, maybe even do her hair. She said it might be easier to just wear the wig. :-)

IT WILL BE A GOOD CHRISTMAS!!!! Many things to celebrate! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! Power of prayer! Everyone have a safe and happy holiday! And remember we are celebrating the birthday of Jesus and having a great family!! Many blessings!!!