Monday, January 31, 2011

2nd treatment

January 31, 2011

I'm not a very good blogger! I'm way behind in keeping everybody updated, of course if my parents stayed out of the hospital and the weather would cooperate, I might have more time to post on here. :-)

As most of you probably already know, Dad decided he needed to stay at the Capital Region Hotel for a couple of days last week. While there, they fed him, changed his sheets and even did a heart cath for good measure. All things checked out or are as well as can be. When he had his heart attack on July 31, 2009, the very tip of his heart, more or less died, and the function will never return. But his heart is still working good, they didn't find any blockages and his stent is still where it's suppose to be. Thinking his ulcers were acting up and causing him chest pain. So they added something to his medication to see if they can get him feeling better. Mom usually spends the nights in the hospital with Dad when he is in there but with her chemo, the hospital is not the kindest place for her to be so I stayed with him Sunday night and Dawn stayed with him Monday night and luckily, he went home on Tuesday. Mom did blood work last Monday and her WBC were great so the doctor let her come into the hospital. She postponed her next treatment to last Friday.

I talked to her today and she is tired and has the normal upset stomach but nothing she can't live with. It's good they have medicines to keep all the side effects at a minimum. Too bad they have to give you poison to help ensure all the bad cells are gone. Irony at it's best, don't you think?

Well, hoping mom WBC don't bottom out while we have our Winter Blizzard of 2011 so all the prayers you can send her way will be great! Take care and God Bless! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sis, Dawn!! I'd tell you how old she is but since I'm older, well you know......

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