Friday, January 7, 2011

First Chemo treatment- January 5, 2011

Mom had her first chemo treatment this week on Wednesday. Appointment was at 9:30 and I think she said they left the clinic at 2:30. She has been tired and a little nausea but doc gave her medicine to calm the stomach so it's been manageable. She had to go back in on Thursday and have a Neulasta shot which should help to boost her immune system. Hoping she doesn't have the side effects from that either...bone pain being the worst of it. She goes back in for f/u appt with nurse next week to check her blood count, more blood work on the 24th and then if all is well, her next treatment is the 26th.

She has to stay healthy to receive all these treatments......she has a grandson graduating from highschool and 2 other grandsons making their first communion....all in May. She has to be well and feeling like she can party! :-) Thank you to everyone for the calls, thoughts and prayers! All are appreciated!! Sincerely, the Rehagen Family

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