Sunday, January 16, 2011

Almost home...

Sunday, January 16th
I went by the hospital to see Mom this morning...been staying away all weekend with the low WBC (below 500 is low)  but was hoping that they would be up where they were suppose to be this morning. Doc came in while I was there and she wasn't wearing the mask....doing the happy dance here :-)....anyway, counts were 411 yesterday and they were 834 today!! BUT the cultures on urine came back showing something. (What they seen  may have just been a contaminant and not anything wrong with Mom.) So we wait one more day on that. Blood cultures were fine, which is good! Doc is going to take her off the antibiotic, see if she runs a temp anymore today, and then possibly send her home tomorrow on an oral antibiotic if she has a UTI. Mom was complaining of 3 fever blisters starting around her mouth so they are going to give her something that will help shorten their life span.  Thanks everyone for being the best kind of friends for mom and dad....what's the old saying, Friends are the families we choose! Yeh....glad we have such a huge "family"!!! God bless and take care!

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