Thursday, January 20, 2011


I decided to wait and update the blog until mom was home....seemed like it kept getting put off but she did go home on Monday. I talked to her last night and she was feeling ok, just tired. She managed to have a UTI and 3 lovely fever blisters from her ordeal. When she went into the hospital on Thursday, her WBC was 98 and when she left on Monday, they were around 1,500. Doc said she almost made the "week" window when the Chemo destroys all the cells and has to make it's way back so the next treatment which is schedule for January 26th won't be as "strong". She may get lucky and bounce back faster this next time. Mom was suppose to have dr appt today but with all our lovely snow, (Thanks to all who love this stuff and prays for know who you are!!!) I think she was going to have to cancel. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers! Friends and Family are the BEST!!

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