Thursday, December 16, 2010


Mom had her PET and CT scans last week and she got the results back today. They were clean so we can hope that means they got it all and it hasn't spread. We had a bit of fun yesterday, the American Cancer Society provides wigs and all kinds of other support for people who are fighting the fight. We got to help mom pick out a wig, hats, turbons, etc....helps to keep things on the fun side.

Also, Mom starts chemo on 01/05/11 and gets the port put in on 12/28/10....told her she will have both arms sore and dad will really have to help her get dressed, maybe even do her hair. She said it might be easier to just wear the wig. :-)

IT WILL BE A GOOD CHRISTMAS!!!! Many things to celebrate! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! Power of prayer! Everyone have a safe and happy holiday! And remember we are celebrating the birthday of Jesus and having a great family!! Many blessings!!!

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