Friday, October 29, 2010

Surgeon's appointment

I know everyone was waiting for an update after the surgeon's appt but we had to wait for them to set up appointment with radiology oncologist and the hospital. Mom has chosen an amazing doctor to be her surgeon. She took an hour to explain every option and talked to mom like she was the only patient she had. Mom has to see the radiology oncologist next week and the surgery is scheduled for the week after. Dad is apprehensive about me putting too many details on here before things happen so I'll try to update after each appt. PLEASE keep all the good juju vibes and prayers going mom and dad's direction! They are truly blessed to have sooooo many people who care about them. Mom has the attitude of "git her done!" which is good! Do what we have to do and live life while we are at it! Hope everyone has a safe and happy Hallow eve and keep St Agatha (patron saint of Breast Cancer) in your thoughts on All Saints day-not just for mom but all the women who are fighting the fight, ones that have survived the fight, and the ones who have lost the battle! Take care and God Bless!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Appt with the surgeon is next Wednesday on the 27th. We will gather more information and find out the surgery date.

Isn't it ironic that this is breast cancer awareness month?!? Makes me grateful they dedicate a whole month and not just one day to this worthy cause. Save the Ta-Tas, Fight Like a Girl, wear pink proudly and all that other Jazz!!!-makes me glad I've supported the breast cancer research with all my "pink" purchases!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding out that a 6 letter word can change your world

This blog will be dedicated to my mom, Phyllis. No last names because only the people who really matter will be reading this so it's not needed.  As all of you know, this last year has not been the easiest on many in this family. Health issues seemed to dominate every crack and crevice. But we prevailed only to get to another bump in the road. My mom, who may be small but mighty decided that she needed to do what her daughters, daughter-in-law, and husband was asking her to do....take the time to care for herself and get a clean bill of health. As we all know, we sit on pins and needles waiting for the results that never seem to come and then when you do get them, wish you could go back to waiting for the results. The mammogram came back with abnormal results, she needed to go back for another. She did and then they did an ultrasound and found 2 small lumps. Time for a biopsy...this all in one day. Results come back with that ominous 6 lettered word that strikes fear in anyone who has had to deal with it.

So we come to today, Wed, October 20. We all troop into the oncologist office to hear what life will be like for a while. We are told that it is Ductal Carcinoma, most common type of breast cancer. This is good because they know the most about it. Also good because it's not very big. Doc says the next step is to see the surgeon and for mom to decide if it's just the two lumps that will disappear or her whole breast.  Decisions will need to be made. When they do the surgery, they will inject radioactive dye into the area and see where it drains...most people, this would be into the lymph nodes under the arm. She will have different options for treatment, just depends on if it has spread and which surgery she decides to have. Doctor appts will be many for the next couple of weeks. And how do you absorb all that needs to be heard, said or asked and not miss anything important?

How can one word change a life? If it has the ability to change the direction of so many lives, shouldn't it be the longest word in the dictionary? I know so many people are praying for my mom, just as they did for my dad....and look at him now! So hopefully, I can keep this blog updated with all the current information so my Mom doesn't have to repeat it 2000 times :-). Everyone take care and thanks for reading...God Bless!